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Accepting Clients in Georgia, DC, Maryland and Florida Care that is there, always. Visit with an expert provider for holistic wellness or urgent care by
video or phone call.
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Holistic Wellness

Providers that know emotional and mental health are imperative to overall health.


Visits are convenient, private and protected. Securing your personal information is our priority.


Prescriptions may be sent directly to your local pharmacy as medically necessary.

About Us

Always There Telecare is a foremost telemedicine practice with focus on holistic wellness. This includes wellness counseling, concierge medicine, as well as urgent care to patients through webcam or smartphone. The knowledgeable staff at Always There Telecare establishes trusting relationships with patients to deliver mental and physical health. We know that the best you, starts with a whole approach.

Due to current emergencies, the time or the financial means to go to places of wellness/care in person should they feel ill physically, or emotionally is not convenient. Always There TeleCare is built to offer trusted and expedient care wherever you are! This may be a visit in the palm of your hands with your mobile device or in home care. We are ready and able to help you navigate your best path to health!


Always There Telecare offers four types of medical subscription plans that we customize to your needs. Quality healthcare and care coordination.

Urgent Care

Our urgent care medical subscription plan helps you and the members of your household, get the basic medical care you need from home, work or on-the-go. Minor medical conditions are treated online for a $10 per use co-pay. Subscription plan: $30 per month for you and your immediate family members; $10 co-pay per use.


We act as your healthcare liaison and coach.To provide convenient and thorough medical care and coordination. To provide health care that is individualized, personal and comprehensive. We are able toreview medical records form your PCP and specialists, provide and maintain a medical dossier for your current and future use.


Mental Health/Wellness


Holistic Wellness

Concierge Pricing

For Patients

Indemnification Clause

I, agree to indemnify, defend, protect, and hold harmless the medical providers employed by Always There Telecare; and their respective officers, directors, employees, stockholders, assigns, successors and affiliates.

Patient Practice Policies

The standard meeting time for the initial visit is 45-60 minutes and follow up visits are 15-30 minutes. Payment is due within 24 hours of your appointment. You may lose your appointment if payment is not received within 24 hours.


5 Star Reviews

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be under such an attentive medical care staff and would highly recommend them. This strongly pertains towards those with misgivings arisen from past experiences as Always There has left me with a positive outlook on medical care.

Christian B.

5 Star Reviews

It was a completely different experience from past clinical visits with other offices as they took the time to include me in treatment decisions rather than have an “I am better than thou” air that some clinicians can have. They also asked me if it was ok to include my family in the process of making sure my holistic treatment is carried out so I am not left to rely on my own.

Tiffany A.

5 Star Reviews

My experience with the team of Always There was very pleasing. I tend to worry about receiving medical care because some practices have you feeling rushed in the process, but Always There took their time, remained professional, and listened to what I was feeling. They asked questions at the appropriate time and WE created a plan on how I should navigate with a mixture of holistic and medicinal remedies.

Alexia M.
Ed.D Student

Fee Schedule

Urgent care subscription

Monthly urgent care membership for you and your immediate family
$25/month; $10 co-pay at time of visit

Pay - per - use medical visit

Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment
{urgent & general medicine, prescription refills, labs, x-rays}
$50 per use

Concierge subscription

Monthly fee for unlimited access to your provider of choice
{video – text – email}
{labs – x-rays – referrals – diagnosis – treatment}
$75 – $100 per month, 1 year contract

Doctor's notes

Sick, school, sport or work accommodation notes

Counseling services

$135 Intake, 60 minutes
$125 Individual, 50 minutes
$135 Couples & Families, 50 minutes

If you are more than 10 minutes late to an appointment your appointment is canceled and you will be charged $45