Always There Telecare

Holistic Wellness

Providers that know emotional and mental health are imperative to overall health.


Visits are convenient, private and protected. Securing your personal information is our priority.


Prescriptions may be sent directly to your local pharmacy as medically necessary.


• COVID19 Testing (Georgia Residents ONLY at this time)
•Acute Care (URI, Allergies,  Sinus, Cold/Flu, UTIs etc.)
• Chronic disease management (Blood pressure,  Diabetes, Cholesterol, Thyroid etc.)
• Physical exams
• Prescription Refills
• Facilitation of in home diagnostics (radiology, blood work)
• Preventive care and Education
• Secure text message communication
• Sick/follow-up visits and School/Work Notes
• Telehealth and Telepsychiatry


Always There Telecare offers four types of medical subscription plans that we customize to your needs. Quality healthcare and care coordination is becoming more and more challenging for the average person. It is important to recognize that most people are not knowledgeable in medical terminology and have a hard time keeping up with- and understanding- their medical history, medication names and plan of care. Often, many leave their specialist or primary care office feeling more confused than when they made the appointment. On top of this, getting to see their health care provider can take 2 weeks or more, and leaves many unanswered questions and their health at risk until said visit.

Always There Telecare helps patients who are perplexed by the multifaceted healthcare system they are in. We know how it feels to be in the middle of a health care assembly line, and we hate it too, as patients and as providers.Due to this, we have established concierge plans to support you as you take control of your body and medical care to live your healthiest life. We care about you and want to help you live your life to the fullest. Knowing you have a concierge provider always accessible and on your side can make a world of a difference. This enhances your mental and physical health.

**The Concierge Program is virtual therefore, it does not take the place of your in-person primary care provider.**

Urgent Care Family Plan: $50 initial enrollment, $20/month, $10 fee per use, cancel anytime

Subscription Concierge Plan: $150 initial enrollment, $50/month, $25 yearly administration fee. 1 year contract.

Executive Concierge Plan: $150 initial enrollment, $100/month, $25 yearly administrative fee. 1 year contract.

Direct Concierge Plan: $150 initial enrollment, $200/month, $25 yearly administrative fee. 1 year contract.